Empower staff with a specialised program focused on alleviating staff stressors related to student behaviour and classroom management.

Work alongside your staff to develop (or refocus on) a systematic, school-wide approach to student and behaviour management.

Experience the transformative impact of your own customised 2-year Student Management Action Plan:

✔️ Restore harmony in classrooms with an evidence-based approach

✔️ Implement unified practices that boost culture over time

✔️ Gain clarity in the change process with a 2-year action plan 

Does this sound familiar?

Today, schools are facing complex challenges in managing student behaviours due to diverse classrooms, varied learning needs, and external influences. 

You may be noticing…

  • Escalating disruptive behaviour among students, impacting the overall classroom and school environment
  • A rise in student disengagement, affecting academic performance and classroom participation
  • Challenges in creating a positive and inclusive school culture due to complex student behaviours
  • Increased stress among teachers and staff, struggling to manage and address disruptive behaviours effectively

As a result, your staff are grappling with the consequences of unmanageable student behaviour, from classroom disruptions to a strained school atmosphere. The impact on student learning and teacher morale is evident, hindering the achievement of your school’s academic and developmental goals. 

The current strategies in place may be falling short, and the persistent challenges are leaving you searching for a comprehensive and effective approach to student management that can bring about meaningful and sustainable change.

When Student Behaviour is A Top Stressor, Your Staff Don’t Want More of the Typical Wellbeing Initiatives

They want solutions to student management challenges!

As you navigate the complexities of managing student behaviours, the strain on your staff’s wellbeing becomes increasingly evident. 

While wellbeing initiatives might seem like a great way to support your people with their stress levels, the reality is that when they are contending with disruptive student behaviours, concerns about student well-being, or situations that compromise their safety, conventional wellbeing strategies can inadvertently contribute to frustration rather than offering genuine support. 

What your staff truly need to support their wellbeing, is a strategic approach that directly addresses the main cause of their daily stress at work.

Imagine if you could transform your school environment into a haven of positive behaviour, where students thrive, teachers feel supported, and learning flourishes

What if, in just one term, you could map out a plan to embed a revolutionary student management support program tailored to your school’s unique needs? 

Picture a streamlined and effective approach that not only addresses the challenges faced in your school but also nurtures a culture of respect, cooperation, and positive engagement amongst staff, students and community. 

Systemising your approach to student and classroom management is essential to achieve lasting change and enable your school to reach its full potential

Address staff stress related to challenging student behaviours and pastoral care concerns:

Show your staff they matter. Alleviate staff stress and build resilience by equipping them with practical strategies and support mechanisms to effectively manage student behaviour.

Co-create a whole-school vision and approach to student management:

Engage the entire school community in a collaborative process to foster a positive school culture that aligns with the values and expectations of students, staff, and parents alike.

Build or refine a systemised whole-school approach to student management:

Facilitate the development of a tailored Student Management Action Plan to systematically address behaviour challenges and promote positive behaviours. Leverage a school-wide approach to ensure consistency across the school.

Promote a positive school culture:

Cultivate a resilient and empowered staff, fostering a positive work environment conducive to teaching and learning excellence. This transformative process supports the overall wellbeing and success of both students and staff alike.


Well-Led Classrooms

Student Management Pilot Program


A comprehensive program in collaboration with Behaviour Expert and School Principal – Rob Lans designed to equip your school with a ‘Student Management Action Plan’ full of practical strategies, tools, and support to systemise your school’s approach to student management over a 2-year period.


Get clear on your approach

Empower your leadership team to articulate a vision that inspires positive change.

Ensure your leaders and staff know and understand the strategy for student management, fostering a culture where it can be applied consistently for lasting impact.

Consult with your staff

Share your vision, seek valuable feedback and involve all staff in the process of change.

Ensure alignment among leaders and staff with the student management strategy, building a unified and committed school community.

Develop a plan

Systemise your approach over a 2-year period.

Provide clarity and hope to staff by collaboratively crafting a detailed action plan with key stages, action steps and resources, ensuring a strategic and optimistic path toward effective student and classroom management.


School Student Management Action Plan

Create a custom action plan for effective student management. This tailored roadmap ensures a cohesive and strategic approach, addressing challenges and cultivating a positive school culture.

2 x Leadership Development Sessions

Participate in two impactful coaching sessions to empower your leadership team. Gain valuable insights and strategies for guiding the implementation of the Student Management Action Plan, fostering a targeted and united leadership approach to the entire process.

1 x Staff Development Session

Engage staff in a dedicated development session to ensure understanding and consultation in a unified school vision and consistent strategies for student management. Create a collaborative and supportive learning environment across your entire school.

Custom School Vision Display

Showcase your school’s vision and plans prominently with a custom visual display. This serves as a constant reminder, nurturing a shared commitment and creating a positive atmosphere for staff, students and community. 

High-Quality Resources

Access a curated collection of practical tools and guidance, equipping your staff with the best resources to ensure a successful and sustainable Student Management Action Plan.

Access to an Online Learning Portal

Get exclusive access to a dedicated online learning portal. This digital hub provides continuous learning opportunities and support, ensuring your team stays updated while fostering a culture of ongoing learning and adaptation for sustained success.

Are you looking to learn more about the Pilot Program and hearing about how we can support your school to refocus on and revive your approach to student management?

The Sessions

Pilot Program Session Information

FREE Intake Call 

In this call, you’ll reflect on the current state of the school environment associated with the management of students and classrooms and the approaches you have or had in place.

We will work with you to identify your goals for your school and the necessary steps for  achieving your desired outcomes. It is our aim to not re-invent the wheel when there are processes in place, but refine and improve what you have. 

Following  this call, expect a tailored proposal outlining how we can support your school to streamline an approach to student and classroom management. 

If you accept the proposal, the program begins.

Session 1: Leadership Workshop - Vision Drafting

Join us for a 90-minute session where we will collaborate with senior leadership members to establish a vision for student management.

Together, we will clarify your desired direction and approach using what you already have in place and any necessary adaptations. We will support you to communicate and emphasise the significance of this focus for your staff, and outline the pivotal roles of leaders, teachers, and staff in driving positive change.

Session 2: Staff Workshop - Co-Creating Vision with Staff

In this impactful session, we will guide you in conveying your preliminary vision for your approach to student management to the entire school staff.

Through collaborative discussions, staff members actively participate in shaping the school’s approach to student management, this inclusive process encourages seeking clarification and collectively planning the steps to achieve the vision together.

Session 3: Leadership Workshop - Action Plan Delivery

In this session, we will present the action plan to the school’s leadership team, gather any final feedback and ensure the plan aligns seamlessly with your goals.

The action plan will cover a two-year period and outline crucial stages of the project, including suggested action steps, required timing and curated resources for successful implementation.

Download Program Information Guide

What our pilot participants are saying...

“With their guidance and support, we feel confident sharing the data with staff and working with our staff to create a common language and approach to managing our key stresses.”

“We began working with Adrienne earlier this year when our staff identified the need for support with their wellbeing. We always knew that having a staff that felt safe and supported was the key to improving learning outcomes for our students, and her support gave us a great opportunity to really identify the key factors impacting staff (Student Management).

Adrienne the team are very responsive and supportive of the leadership, having similar experiences which are relatable. They honour and value our previous approach and its great affirmation that we have been on the right track. They have a warm and inviting approach. They listen intently and actively to understand the needs of the school.

With their guidance and support, we feel confident sharing our approach with staff and working with our staff to create a common language and approach to managing our key stresses.

I would highly recommend Adrienne Hornby Consulting to help your school.”

Michelle Costa

Principal - Melton West Primary School VIC


Tired of classroom disruptions? Discover our solution to lasting harmony!

Empower staff with a specialised program focused on alleviating staff stressors related to student behaviour and classroom management.

Work alongside your staff to develop (or refocus on) a systematic, school-wide approach to student and behaviour management.

I’m interested. Send me more info!

"Positive and trusting relationships is the keystone to any effective behaviour management system."

-Rob Lans

School Principal, Behaviour Management Expert and Consultant

Meet Rob Lans

School Principal and Expert in Student and Behaviour Management

Early in his career as a high school teacher, Rob’s passion for outdoor education found him searching for ways to engage students and build deeper connections through the natural environment.

After honing his student management skills in an in-school Student Services role, Rob stepped into the ACT Education Office, where he worked with numerous primary schools, high schools and colleges to support leaders, teachers and staff with student behaviours.

Here, he took a diagnostic approach to understanding what students were communicating through their behaviours and worked side-by-side with schools to develop systems and processes for student management.

In 2015, Rob transitioned back into schools in the ACT, first as a Deputy Principal and then as a School Principal since 2018. 

Rob is partnering with Adrienne Hornby Consulting and support schools to review, refine and systemise a whole-school approach to behaviour management in order to best address staff wellbeing and school culture.

Rob’s specialties are:

  • Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL)
  • Trauma Informed Practice
  • Team Teach
  • School Leadership

👋🏻 Hi, I’m Adrienne - A Wellbeing Consultant and Strategist For Schools

As a school leader (and teacher!), I was once unhappy, overworked and burnt out. And when I looked around me, I could see I wasn’t alone in my struggles. My fellow colleagues were drowning under the high stress, immense workload and heavy expectations of their role.

By prioritising my own health and wellness, I started to feel healthier, happier and more engaged at work. This was when I realised that by looking after myself, I was better able to look after my people. Using the lessons I learned on my own wellbeing journey, I transformed the way I led my staff,  making their wellbeing a priority and creating positive team environments year after year.

This shift in focus made me a fierce advocate for staff wellbeing in schools. It’s my mission to help schools put their people first to build more positive staff and school cultures.

I partner with school leaders and their staff across Australia to collect the crucial  data they need to build tailored Staff Wellbeing Action Plans.

Each plan aims to nurture a positive school environment and address teacher and staff burnout, so that they can improve their school’s outcomes and performance.

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