Read on to find out how to pinpoint the health and wellbeing needs of staff with a scan of multiple data sources so you can identify your school’s priorities.

Scanning your School

A school scan is an essential step to work out where your staff need the most support to improve their wellbeing and school culture. Without a clear understanding of the current work environment and the school’s overall approach to wellbeing, health, and mental health, your attempts to improve wellbeing may be considered futile by your staff.

A school scan of wellbeing is a process whereby an entire school staff takes part in the collection, review and discussion of multiple sources of staff wellbeing data. A scan is used to gather information that helps to give schools an informed direction moving forward.

A scan of staff wellbeing enables us to be curious about our people and stay open to new kinds of information and insights about our leadership, team formation, relationships, school culture, strengths and areas for development. It also ensures a much richer understanding of our staff experiences and helps us avoid the traps of our own assumptions, biases, judgments or perceptions.

This is especially important for the leadership team as they often make many of the big decisions but also for our teaching staff, so they too can consider the perspectives and actions of their leaders. Remember – school scans provide the overview. They are not the main event and once you gather information about your staff, you must use it to identify your priorities moving forward and plan your next steps.

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1. Discuss overall staff wellbeing with the leadership team

Ways to do this include:

  • Discuss anecdotal observations of staff wellbeing
  • Review staff absence, incident, injury, and compensation data
  • Review school/department staff satisfaction data
  • Collate what practices are in place currently for staff health and wellbeing and what is successful or unsuccessful
  • Record on your School Scanning Tool PDF page 4-5

2. Collect staff feedback about health and wellbeing

Ways to do this include:

  • School leaders discuss staff wellbeing with teaching teams during professional learning time or weekly meetings. You could consider using the GROWTH framework to question and gather information
  • Have staff complete an anonymous staff wellbeing survey (the advantage of these tools is that employees can respond privately, without the added pressure of social interaction)
  • School leaders have informal conversations with staff members during teacher development planning time or annual professional discussions and ask their honest opinion about how they are doing across their health and wellbeing and their views of school culture. It may be helpful to consider questioning in a way where staff are encouraged to take ownership and reflect on their involvement as school staff
  • Record on your School Scanning Tool PDF page 6
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3. Share your data with staff

In order to involve your staff, seek their feedback and consultation in this process of change, it is highly-recommended that you involve them in the process of a data review.

This could involve:

  • Reviewing data you have collected (i.e. Anonymous Staff Wellbeing Survey data or staff satisfaction data)
  • Compare data, observations, and feedback in small groups
  • Ask the questions: 1.What are we seeing in the data? 2. Why are we seeing it? 3. “What if anything can we do about it?”
  • Invite additional feedback, narrative and consultation
  • Draw conclusions and identify three priority areas for improving staff wellbeing and school culture.

3. Review data and draw conclusions

Ways to do this include:

  • Review the multiple sources of data you have collected using your School Scanning Tool
  • Compare data, observations, and feedback with your team
  • Draw conclusions and identify 3 priority areas for improving staff wellbeing and school culture on page 7 of your School Scanning Tool


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