Thank you so much for joining me at my LIVE training. I hope you were able to take away some helpful tips and resources that will help your school in 2022 and beyond.

If you would like to connect and discuss your staff and school’s wellbeing needs, please book a free 50-minute discovery call below.

Staff Development Workshop

Special Offer: Staff Survey

Take advantage of this special offer. Book your discovery call by Friday 24.2.2022 and access a FREE anonymous staff wellbeing survey to use at your school with your staff in 2022.

A confidential staff survey helps measure and monitor progress and enables a school to focus on the tangible and practical actions they can take to support a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.

My survey measures:

  • General staff wellbeing
  • Burnout risk
  • Workplace wellbeing, school culture and staff attitudes
  • Opinions about school and leadership processes for staff wellbeing

This template is a fully customisable and easy to use Google Form survey. This resource presents valuable and useful data in an easy to read format.

School scan

Explore my school consulting services

Help your staff avoid burnout, tap into new energy reserves and make lasting changes to their health and wellbeing. Create a positive ripple effect on their performance and engagement in the classroom.

  • Leadership Development Workshops
  • Staff Development Workshops
  • Executive Group Coaching
  • Executive 1:1 Coaching
  • Staff Group and 1:1 coaching

Individual and group leadership coaching

Lead whole school improvement of staff and wellbeing with tailored coaching for leaders. Strengthen your leadership skills, create a shared vision, build successful action plans, and achieve improved wellbeing at your school.

  • Individual coaching options
  • Group coaching options
  • Customised programs
  • Online or face-to-face

Staff Development Workshops

Up-skill your entire staff on ways to improve their health and wellbeing and prevent burnout using Positive Psychology and the most up-to-date educational research and advice from leading Australian mental health and wellbeing organisations.

  • ‘Staff Wellbeing 101’
  • ‘Mental Health 101’
  • ‘Positive Psychology 101’
  • ‘Emotional Intelligence 101’
  • ‘Staff Health 101’
  • Or, customise your own!


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Help your staff get the health and wellbeing support they need to make your school thrive again. Book a call today to learn more.

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