Discover the exact steps you need to take to earn staff buy-in and get your teams working collaboratively towards improved wellbeing, culture and performance in 2024.

✔️ Unpack the critical mistakes schools make when implementing staff wellbeing approaches and how to avoid them for lasting positive change

✔️ Learn a proven staff wellbeing framework – A 6 step process that addresses wellbeing in a way that your staff will actually respond to

✔️ Gain invaluable insights from an expert who has walked the path, spent years working with schools across the country and transformed school cultures

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We see you trying everything to support your staff!

We understand the challenges faced by school leaders and teachers in the changing world of Education. If you’re noticing increasing staff stress, rising burnout and plummeting resilience, all culminating in a fading school culture, you’re not alone. 

Our data captured across Australian schools shows that on average:

❗️ 67% of staff experience ongoing high stress

❗️ 55% of staff report feeling burnt out

❗️  36% of staff are struggling with their mental and emotional health

Staff wellbeing matters more than ever, yet it often takes a backseat to other priorities or we just can’t seem to implement the right initiatives that make enough of a difference.

We share your commitment to creating a positive, thriving environment for your staff and students. Let’s address these challenges together and pave the way for a brighter future in your school.


Attend this training and you'll walk away with...


Gain a deeper understanding into what areas to prioritise to positively influence wellbeing, school culture and performance. Consider a new approach to improving wellbeing that resonates with your entire staff.


Learn evidence-based ways to support burnt-out staff with school-wide plans and initiatives that actually work (and we have results!). No more surface level or tokenistic wellbeing approaches! Ensure buy-in and commitment from your staff moving forward.


Discover the step-by-step approach to support staff wellbeing in schools. This approach uses Positive Psychology, up-to-date educational leadership research and the advice of leading Australian wellbeing and mental health organisations in an easy-to-follow sequence.


You'll walk away with all you need to get started. We'll send you FREE resources that outline each step in detail. You'll receive plenty of tools to plan and enact a successful school year in 2024 following a tried and tested staff wellbeing framework.

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Set aside 90 minutes and register for a date and time that suits you

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👋🏻 Hi, I’m Adrienne - A Wellbeing Consultant and Strategist For Schools

As a school leader (and teacher!), I was once unhappy, overworked and burnt out. And when I looked around me, I could see I wasn’t alone in my struggles. My fellow colleagues were drowning under the high stress, immense workload and heavy expectations of their role.

By prioritising my own health and wellness, I started to feel healthier, happier and more engaged at work. This was when I realised that by looking after myself, I was better able to look after my people. Using the lessons I learned on my own wellbeing journey, I transformed  the way I led my staff,  making their wellbeing a priority and creating positive team environments year after year.

This shift in focus made me a fierce advocate for staff wellbeing in schools. It’s my mission to help schools put their people first to build more positive staff and school cultures.

Now, I partner with school leaders and their staff across Australia to collect the crucial  data they need  to build and embed a tailored Staff Wellbeing Frameworks and Action Plans for their school.

Each school’s strategy is aimed at nurturing a positive school environment and addressing teacher and staff burnout in a way that resonates with their people, so that they can improve their school’s outcomes and performance and maintain their progress over the long term.



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