A free and live training on the six research-backed steps you can take to support staff wellbeing and address teacher burnout in your school in 2023.

Discover the exact steps you need to take to earn staff buy-in and get your teams working collaboratively and productively towards improved school culture and performance using a tailored ‘Staff Wellbeing Action Plan’

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Attend this training and you’ll walk away with:


Discover the step-by-step approach to support staff wellbeing post-pandemic. This approach uses Positive Psychology, up-to-date educational leadership research and the advice of leading Australian wellbeing and mental health organisations in an easy-to-follow sequence.


You'll learn evidence-based ways to support burnt-out staff with school-wide plans and initiatives that actually work. No more surface level or tokenistic wellbeing approaches! Ensure buy-in and commitment from your staff moving forward.


You'll walk away with all you need to get started. We'll send you FREE resources that outline each step in detail. You'll receive plenty of tools to plan a successful school year in 2023.

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Adrienne Hornby sitting at desk typing on laptop smiling

👋🏻 Hi, I’m Adrienne - A Health And Wellbeing Consultant For Schools

I work alongside school leaders and their staff to build and embed a tailored ‘Staff Wellbeing Action Plan.’ Their plan will nurture a positive school environment and address teacher burnout, so that they can improve school outcomes and performance.

As a school leader, I was once unhappy, overworked, and burnt out. And when I looked around me, I could see I wasn’t alone. I knew that if I wanted to function better at work, I needed to function better myself. So I decided to completely overhaul my lifestyle and the way I approached my work.

By prioritising my health and wellness, I started to feel healthier, happier, and more engaged at work. Soon, I changed the way I led my staff and team to put their wellbeing front and centre, creating a positive team.

Since doing so, I’ve made it my mission to help schools put their people first in order to build more positive staff and school cultures.

I offer a range of tailored school wellbeing consulting services to suit the needs, budget and nuances of your specific school.