Register for the ‘Well-Led Schools’ Partnership Program waitlist and join schools across Australia that are in the process of building positive, wellbeing-focused school cultures. You too, can tap into the strategies that high-performing schools are using to address teacher burnout and increase staff engagement.


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Improve staff resilience

Equip your staff with the skills and tools to help them cope with stress and manage their wellbeing.

Align your staff and leaders

Up-skill your leaders and staff on the steps and joint responsibilities required to support and improve staff wellbeing at their school and evolve their leadership skills.

Improve school culture

Create a positive environment that values and supports staff wellbeing. Develop a culture of trust, loyalty, and collaboration.

Raise school performance

Reduce staff absenteeism, increase staff retention, and create a ripple effect that positively impacts student learning outcomes.

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Doors open August 2022

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✔️ The processes, resources, and principles that you'll work with inside of the program

✔️ Optimal ways to nurture a positive school environment and addresses teacher burnout

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