Get on top of your wellbeing and mental health so that you can feel happier, more successful and in control of your life.

Our Teacher Wellbeing Program is the most effective way to fill your toolkit with a number of evidence-based strategies designed to help you look after yourself so you can be successful in all that you do.

Do you wish you were more productive, focused, happy and motivated at work, in life and everything in between?

Do you constantly feel tired, stressed, or burnt out?

Do you struggle to create a healthy work-life balance?

Do you lack the energy, focus and motivation to get everything done?

Do you wish you could be more optimistic?

Have you tried all the self-care tips but still struggle to find the right balance?


Teaching is one of the most stressful professions to work in (especially now). If you don’t take proactive measures and arm yourself with the tools you need to care for your wellbeing, you risk burning out and losing sight of why you decided to pursue teaching to begin with. 

Through the principles of Positive Psychology you can nurture a more positive psychological state, harness motivation, boost productivity and build resilience and optimism.  

Positive Psychology helps you to shift your mindset and requires you to focus on developing aspects of yourself so that you have the best chance of experiencing happiness and success in your everyday life. 

The Benefits of Teacher Wellness Coaching

Cultivate a Positive Mindset

Challenge your old ways of thinking and self-limiting beliefs and plant the seeds for a more positive and optimistic mindset going forward.

Build Resilience To Stress

Equip yourself with tools, strategies and resources that help you better manage and prevent stress so you can achieve more.

Achieve Your Full Potential

Learn how to use your strengths so you can feel more energised, engaged, and productive at work and in life.

Tap Into Your Personal Power

Identify your values and boost your self-awareness so you can build a stronger relationship with yourself.

What’s Included in Our Teacher Wellness Coaching?

Our Teacher Wellbeing Program provides personalised direction and guidance in Positive Psychology-based mindset practices proven to help you develop a more positive outlook of yourself and on life. You’ll walk away from sessions with the tools and strategies you need to feel more energised, motivated, and engaged in everything you do. 

Working with a coach is a partnership that helps you identify the areas of your life you most want to improve, find the simplest and most efficient ways to do this and finally, build the strong and capable mindset that ensures you keep up all your hard work to achieve long term and sustained change.

All of our programs are tailored and fully customisable to suit your needs and goals. When you sign up for 1:1 wellness coaching, you sign on for a 6-month program where we will meet over 12 fortnightly appointments to discuss goals, strategies, and progress.


Here is an example of what a standard 1:1 wellness coaching program can look like:

Part 1: The Foundations

Every program begins with six sessions of foundational Positive Psychology theory:

  • Session 1: Wellbeing Review – Our first session together begins with a review of the many domains of your life (i.e. physical health, career, relationships etc). From here we will prioritise which areas need the most attention during our time together and identify some beginning actions to get the ball rolling. 
  • Session 2: Values and Vision – Knowing your values helps steer you in the direction that best aligns with you. In this session, we will identify your top values and the corresponding actions that will help you build  a more positive life.
  • Session 3: Identify your Strengths – When people use their strengths effectively they feel energised and engaged. In this session, we will review your own personal character strengths and identify ways that you can leverage these in your daily life to improve productivity, life-satisfaction and overall feelings of wellbeing. 
Adrienne Hornby Working In Laptop

Part 1: Foundations Continued

  • Session 4: 360 Strength View – Knowing how those close to you view you and your strengths builds self-awareness, positivity, and confidence. In this session, we will review the views and opinions of three of your selected friends or loved ones regarding your top strengths and triangulate them with your own self-assessments. 
  • Session 5: Navigating Obstacles and Learning How to Cope – Coping skills are an essential ingredient for managing challenges or obstacles. In this session, we will explore your common obstacles and “weaknesses.” You’ll build more self-awareness and build some practical skills to cope using mindfulness, acceptance and ways to navigate fears.
  • Session 6: Positive Emotions – Research on positive emotions has repeatedly shown that cultivating positive emotions can help contribute to the process of positive change. In this session, you will learn more ways to experience positive emotions, explore gratitude, positive thinking and ways to increase optimism.

Part 2: Build a Tailored Program

Tailor your program to meet your needs. Each session is built around your own individual goals and areas you wish to develop. Working with your coach, you will select 6 personalised sessions focused on any of the following areas:

  • Optimising your physical health: nutrition, exercise and lifestyle (see any sessions from Health Coaching Programs)
  • Improving motivation and habits
  • Identifying and releasing your limiting beliefs
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Emotional regulation skills
  • Emotional intelligence development
  • Developing mindfulness
  • Building resilience
  • Developing self-acceptance and self-compassion
  • Improving relationships
  • Developing your communication skills
  • Looking for something different? Let’s discuss your needs in a FREE discovery call. Together, we can build a program that works for you.

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Wellness Coaching Packages

3 Month Program

Want to get started towards a more optimistic, positive and productive mindset?

Work alongside a coach to build the foundations of the positive outlook you need to manage life, work and everything in between. Have the support and accountability to stick with it, even when life gets tough.


Per Month x 3 Months
  • 6 x fortnightly consultations over 3 months
  • 6 x 'foundation' Positive Psychology sessions (see above)
  • Ongoing accountability and action planning
  • Personal development sessions & mindset work
  • Resources & activities

6 Month Program

Looking for a more tailored and focused approach towards building the life you want?

Work alongside a coach to explore the foundations of supporting your wellbeing and go on to focus on the areas of your life which need the most attention with additional personalised coaching sessions, tailored to your goals.

Have the ongoing and customised support and accountability you need to stay focused and promote change in your personal and professional life.


Per Month x 6 Months
  • 12 x fortnightly consultations over 6 months
  • 6 x 'foundation' Positive Psychology sessions (see above)
  • 6 x 'tailored' sessions to address individual goals and areas you wish to develop (see above)
  • Ongoing accountability and action planning
  • Personal development sessions & mindset work
  • Resources & activities

Program Inclusions

Fortnightly Coaching Sessions

Over 3-6 months.

Book a time that suits your schedule best

High Quality PDF Resources

Access a wide variety of resources from Positive Psychology’s own client and practitioner toolkit

Access to a Suite of Resources

Explore a comprehensive range of activities, recommendations and tips across health, wellbeing and mindset


Take charge of your wellbeing and handle anything life throws your way

Get the support you need to change your mindset, build better habits, feel more energised, and live a happier and healthier life.

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