Pinpoint staff challenges, drive wellbeing solutions. 

Discover the exact reasons why staff are struggling at work, so you can implement targeted wellbeing initiatives and start making a difference.

✔️ Data Insights at Your Fingertips: Instantly uncover top staff stressors and solutions

✔️ Impartial Assessment: Eliminate biases and judgments with data-driven insights

✔️ Live Results: Take immediate action with real-time staff responses

✔️ Yearly Progress Tracking: Continuously improve wellbeing with annual surveys

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Conduct an Anonymous Staff Wellbeing Survey at your school to…

Improve staff wellbeing, satisfaction and engagement

Leverage the information collected to inform tailored solutions for your school that contribute to improved staff wellbeing and satisfaction.

Identify stressors impacting staff wellbeing

Understand staff’s mental health and wellbeing to uncover their stressors and risk of burnout. Identify solutions that make a genuine difference to staff and school outcomes

Boost morale and improve school outcomes

The results will leave staff feeling heard and motivated to work together towards change, leading to a positive shift in morale and performance outcomes.

Enhance your school culture

Following this process, the staff will feel they’re being prioritised, initiatives are targeted, and the improvements to school culture are a shared outcome.

Ask The Right Kinds of Questions and Gain New Insights

Before implementing any new initiatives designed to support staff and teacher wellbeing, it’s important that leaders gather the relevant data to understand how their people are doing at work, uncover any underlying issues, and determine what initiatives may be most helpful for their school.

The simplest way to understand what teachers and school staff need to support their health and wellbeing is to ask them.

A confidential staff survey helps measure and monitor progress and enables a school to focus on the tangible and practical actions they can take to support a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Well-constructed staff wellbeing surveys help school leaders collect valuable feedback from their staff. With useful information and data, schools are better able to directly address the needs most reported in their school’s survey through targeted action plans.

Our survey asks the right kinds of questions to give you the best insight into your school’s needs. Grouped into four main sections, our editable 80+ question anonymous staff wellbeing survey provides insights into your staff’s views, opinions, and wellbeing needs.

Four Survey Sections

Section 1: General Staff Wellbeing

Ask staff about how they have been feeling recently regarding their health, mental health and resilience. Quantify how many of your leaders and staff are impacted at work and whether any current staff wellbeing approaches are truly effective (or not!).

Section 2: Burnout Risk

Determine how many of your staff self-identify with feeling burned out or experiencing multiple symptoms of burn out. Bring awareness to the acute needs of staff so you can triage support and guide future decision making or actions aimed at reducing burnout rates for your people.

Section 3: Workplace Wellbeing, School Culture, and Staff Attitudes

Ask staff key questions about workplace satisfaction, staff morale and reflections on school culture overall. Quickly identify which workplace stressors impact people in your school the most, and which initiatives they feel would be the most supportive of their wellbeing moving forward.

Section 4: School and Leadership Processes for Staff Wellbeing

Explore the impact and efficacy of the processes currently in place, and approaches being used to support staff wellbeing and school culture improvement. Review your staff’s feelings of involvement in wellbeing initiatives, how supported they feel by their leaders, their reflections of and the leadership and school-led engagement strategies on offer.

📣 We are re-launching our new and improved Staff Wellbeing Survey's soon! 📣

Our Staff Wellbeing Surveys are a powerful tool that helps you to:

Gather Crucial Data: Uncover the top stressors identified by your staff, reveal underlying issues and identify what approaches will be most helpful for staff.

Uncover insights to support an impartial review: Understand your staff’s burnout risk, school culture and stressors to counter assumptions, biases and judgements.

Get Instant Access to Results: Don’t months to access your data. Staff responses are provided live, to make a difference sooner.

Monitor progress on an annual basis: Repeat the survey to track progress and develop trending information to reinforce growth. The ability to benchmark your results with other Australian schools is an optional add on.

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Survey your staff and discover what they really need to support their wellbeing at work

Conducting an Anonymous Staff Wellbeing Survey is the most effective way to pinpoint exactly where your staff stressors lie and which school focuses and wellbeing initiatives will make the biggest difference to their wellbeing.

Purchase and download all you need to capture staff voice, data and the feedback your school needs to make better decisions to inform your school’s improvement journey.

We are updating and re-launching Staff Wellbeing Surveys in early November. 2023.

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