Identify where your staff need the most support. Go on to train and up-skill leaders and staff in strategies for improving school wellbeing. Empower your staff to manage their stress, avoid burnout, and look after themselves while contributing to a healthy, positive, and supportive school culture.

Put your people first and create a positive ripple effect on their performance and engagement in the classroom.


A 6 Step Framework For Improved Staff Wellbeing, School Culture and Performance

Throw your staff a lifeline

Are your staff struggling to keep their heads above water and running in survival mode?

Introducing new initiatives to improve your school is a challenge when your teachers are on the brink of burnout. Whether staff are constantly calling in sick or you’re experiencing pushback on new ideas, the pressure of an increasing workload and challenging students can stop progress in its tracks.

That’s where I come in. As a School Wellbeing Consultant, I help school leaders and their staff beat burnout, tap into their potential, and nurture a positive school environment where staff and students can thrive.

Ways To Work With Me

Staff Wellbeing Surveys and Data Analysis Reports

Conducting an Anonymous Staff Wellbeing Survey is the most effective way to pinpoint exactly which school focuses and wellbeing initiatives will make the biggest difference to staff wellbeing.

All you need to capture staff voice, data and the feedback your school needs to make better decisions to inform your school’s improvement journey.

"Well-Led" Schools Partnership Program

Join our “Well-Led” Schools Partnership Program to access the step-by-step guidance, and support required from Health and Wellbeing Consultant Adrienne Hornby so you can support your staff’s wellbeing needs and create a positive school environment.

Partnering With

Benefits of School Health & Wellbeing Consulting

By putting staff wellbeing front and centre, you help to rebuild the foundations needed to create a thriving, positive, and healthy school environment. Stop putting out fires and running in survival mode. Instead, let’s assess what is happening in your school and develop a wellbeing action plan that directly addresses your school’s core needs and goals.

Overcome Staff Burnout

Work with your staff to uncover the root causes of stress and burnout at your school. With this information, find ways to strategically address the priority areas of need and reduce or tackle workplace stressors and offer relevant support to staff.

Boost Whole School Wellbeing

Develop Wellbeing Action Plans for the whole school and for staff. Equip staff with the resources that empower them to collectively take better care of their mental and physical health.

Improve Whole School Outcomes

Build wellbeing into your school’s foundations and create a ripple effect that positively impacts teacher and student wellbeing, student learning outcomes, and whole school performance.

Better Workplace Culture

Involve your people in the process of change. When staff feel heard, understood, and supported they are more likely to feel engaged, satisfied with their jobs, and contribute to a happy and healthy workplace culture where students, teachers, and leaders can thrive.

Why choose me?

Let’s face the facts. There are a lot of people out there that call themselves health and wellness consultants. Here’s why I’m different.

Walked the Walk

I’m no armchair expert. I’ve been through teacher burnout myself. I’ve hit rock-bottom, turned it all around again and came out the other end stronger as a better and well-respected leader. I know what it's really like for teachers on the ground.

Actionable Advice

I don’t give band-aid solutions or woo-woo treatments. My tailored approach is rooted in Positive Psychology, up-to-date educational leadership research, and advice from leading Australian wellbeing and mental health organisations.

First-Hand Experience

As a school leader myself, I’ve seen first-hand the effects of poor health and wellness of teaching staff and leaders. I provide the support they need to prevent burnout and manage wellbeing that goes beyond encouraging self-care or tokenistic approaches to staff wellbeing.

Satisfaction Rates

Providing a quality service is highly important to me. I survey the leaders and teaching staff after every school wellbeing workshop I deliver, maintaining a 4+/5 star rating among 90% of participants.

From Our Clients

Some kind words from our partnering schools

Meet the founder

Meet the woman behind the business.

Adrienne Hornby

School Wellbeing Consultant


I partner with school leaders and their staff across Australia to collect the crucial data they need to build and embed a tailored ‘Staff Wellbeing Action Plan’ for their school. Each school's plan is aimed at nurturing a positive school environment and addressing teacher and staff burnout, so that they can improve their school’s outcomes and performance.

As a school leader (and teacher!), I was once unhappy, overworked and burnt out. And when I looked around me, I could see I wasn’t alone. By prioritising my own health and wellness, I started to feel healthier, happier and more engaged at work.

Using the lessons I learned on my own wellbeing journey, I transformed the way I led my staff, making their wellbeing a priority and creating positive team environments year after year. This shift in focus made me a fierce advocate for staff wellbeing in schools. It’s my mission to help schools put their people first to build more positive staff and school cultures.


  • Masters in Educational Leadership - Current
  • Group Coaching - Wellcoaches - 2020
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching - 2018
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary) - 2010

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