Become a ‘Well-Led’ School by implementing the six-step model designed to tailor and embed your own staff wellbeing framework so you can address staff burnout and create a culture that prioritises staff wellbeing. 

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Adopt a New Approach to Staff Wellbeing at Your School

Give your staff a voice

Increase buy-in by involving all your staff in the process of change, allowing them to have a voice in which actions will be most beneficial to their wellbeing at work.

Create a shared vision for your school

Involve all staff to develop a clear vision of what you want your school environment to look, sound and feel like. Carve out a clear path to improved school outcomes and performance.

Create a Wellbeing Action Plan

Create an impactful and useful Wellbeing Action Plan so you can take targeted actions that address your school’s priorities and staff wellbeing needs.

Rebuild school culture

Approach staff wellbeing from a new lens and
feel the positive effects throughout the whole school; from increased staff job satisfaction and engagement to student behaviours and learning outcomes.

‘Well-Led’ Schools Lead With Wellbeing in Mind

Staff wellbeing has a profound impact that affects student learning outcomes, school performance, and relationships between the whole school community.

If our people aren’t faring well, then it’s unlikely they’ll bring the energy and patience needed to educate our students and collaborate effectively with colleagues and leaders. 

A supportive, wellbeing-focused school culture has a protective effect against stress and burnout and can help mitigate the risks associated with chronic stress, such as impacted mental and physical health. When you put staff wellbeing front and centre, you’re more likely to get staff on board with new initiatives, job satisfaction increases, morale is boosted, and school communities begin to thrive again. 

Furthermore, a whole-school focus on wellbeing can provide staff and leaders with a shared vision for improved school culture. This vision promotes a sense of belonging, encourages collaboration amongst staff, sets gentle expectations and standards and provides opportunities for staff to address their wellbeing – leading the way for a more positive school culture.


The Guiding Principles of "Well-Led" Schools

Schools that “lead with wellbeing in mind” are focused and guided by a set of principles informed by research but also the experiences of teachers and staff in their schools.

These schools approach their whole school goals with an understanding that if their people aren’t taken care of first, it’s unlikely they’ll see the outcomes they desire.

“Well-Led” Schools….

  • Know that healthy, well and engaged staff positively influence student learning
  • Carefully consider how to weave staff wellbeing into their way of doing
  • Seek the input and consultation of all staff
  • Recognise that awareness is the first key to change
  • Are led by highly-skilled and emotionally intelligent leaders
  • Understand that staff wellbeing is a joint responsibility
  • Have a shared vision and a ‘Wellbeing Action Plan’
  • Promote collaboration and nurture strong relationships
  • Engage their staff

Our Approach Gives You An Easy-To-Follow, Research-Backed Framework For Improving Staff Wellbeing And Culture At Your School

Positive Psychology’s PERMA(H) model

Our 6-step approach incorporates the six elements of Positive Psychology’s PERMA(H) model (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment and Health) to help schools promote psychological safety and wellbeing in the workplace. 

Educational Leadership Research

The leaders are the glue that hold a school's culture together. We are informed by up-to-date educational leadership research and an inquiry approach to improving staff wellbeing and school culture.

Recommendations from Leading Wellbeing Organisations

Our recommendations are guided by the advice of leading Australian wellbeing and mental health organisations such as Beyond Blue, BeYou, Black Dog Institute and Mental Health First Aid Australia.

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principal vision

The Six Steps to Becoming a "Well-Led" School

Become a ‘Well-Led’ School by implementing the six-step model designed to help schools address staff burnout and create a culture that prioritises staff wellbeing.

By focusing on the health and wellbeing of your staff you can inspire engagement, motivation and collaboration between your teams and get everyone on the same page.

This 6-step framework provides schools with the exact steps they need to take to make needle-moving changes in their school culture. Unlike surface-level approaches, this model guides schools to identify the root causes of their staff wellbeing challenges and then strategically focuses on developing the top priority areas of need. 

This approach is the most effective way to get everyone on the same page, working towards a shared vision of whole school wellbeing and academic success.

My 6 Step Approach to Improved Staff Wellbeing and School Culture

Step 1: Scan Your School

Survey your staff and review multiple data sets to pinpoint the wellbeing needs of your team. Discover the unique health and wellbeing needs of your people before implementing wellbeing initiatives. Collect, review and analyse staff voice, data and observations in order to identify your priorities moving forward.

Step 2: Establish a Culture of Wellbeing: Beginning With a Co-created Vision for Staff Wellbeing

Co-create a vision that places staff wellbeing at the core. This vision is about instilling a mindset that promotes a mentally healthy workplace. Weaving it into your daily language, actions and identity, every member of the school community plays a pivotal role in making wellbeing a central part of the culture.

Step 3: Agree on the Joint Responsibilities of Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is a JOINT responsibility. When the responsibilities of leaders and staff are clearly laid out, communicated and understood, it boosts individual and collective accountability for our actions, lessens confusion and increases collaboration.

Step 4: Up-skill and Train Leaders and Staff in Effective Ways to Impact Wellbeing and Culture

Train leaders in practices that help them understand and support the wellbeing needs of their staff and improve their leadership skills and capacities. Up-skill staff to support them to attend to their personal wellbeing and play their part in a thriving workplace culture.

Step 5: Tailor a 'Wellbeing Action Plan' For Your School

Develop a roadmap that highlights the objectives linked to the priority areas you identified in the scan. Outline the actions to be implemented, the people responsible, resources required, and a review process.

Step 6: Follow Through on Your Wellbeing Action Plan and Check In On Your Progress

Staff want to see consistent follow-through, action and accountability. This step is about ensuring that the changes you implement are sustained and continually refined to adapt to the changing needs of staff over time.


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Guiding Schools Through the 6 Step Approach With Customised Consulting Packages

"Well Led" School Partnerships

School wellbeing consulting packages that provide you with a customised framework, step-by-step guidance, and all the support you need to improve wellbeing at your school. Combine any of my coaching or staff development workshop services to address the unique needs and goals of your school.

Anonymous Staff Wellbeing Surveys

Survey your staff and discover the priority areas to address at your school with the option to add on a full data analysis and expert recommendations that directly address the priorities identified in your survey.

Data Analysis, Comparisons and Reporting

Get personalised support, expert analysis, comparisons to national averages and tailored recommendations for a comprehensive wellbeing strategy. We provide in-depth data analysis, and recommends actions based on your unique staff survey results.

Leader and Staff Development Workshops

Our workshops are practical, interactive sessions designed to equip leaders and school staff with tools and strategies for managing, promoting and supporting wellbeing to better prepare them to face daily challenges in life and at work.

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👋🏻 Hi, I’m Adrienne - A Health And Wellbeing Consultant For Schools

As a school leader (and teacher!), I was once unhappy, overworked and burnt out. And when I looked around me, I could see I wasn’t alone in my struggles. My fellow colleagues were drowning under the high stress, immense workload and heavy expectations of their role.

By prioritising my own health and wellness, I started to feel healthier, happier and more engaged at work. This was when I realised that by looking after myself, I was better able to look after my people. Using the lessons I learned on my own wellbeing journey, I transformed  the way I led my staff,  making their wellbeing a priority and creating positive team environments year after year.

This shift in focus made me a fierce advocate for staff wellbeing in schools. It’s my mission to help schools put their people first to build more positive staff and school cultures.

Now, I partner with school leaders and their staff across Australia to collect the crucial  data they need  to build and embed a tailored Staff Wellbeing Framework and Action Plan for their school.

Each unique plan is aimed at nurturing a positive school environment and addressing teacher and staff burnout, so that they can improve their school’s outcomes and performance.