Build a rock-solid staff culture, boost teacher engagement & achieve better whole-school outcomes.

Improve school culture for top-tier performance.

Your whole-school outcomes can only be as good as your staff’s relationships and wellbeing. When your staff are burnt out trying to manage the behaviours, workload and mounting stressors that come with teaching, they feel so overworked that they can’t even comprehend new initiatives - let alone implement them.

What if your team could work without that burden of stress? Bring fresh ideas to the classroom that improve engagement and learning? Have the energy to create and implement school-wide initiatives themselves?

That’s where I come in. Using Positive Psychology and current research, I give tailored wellbeing consulting to school staff so that your school culture thrives again.

Improve School Culture

By prioritising your staff’s wellbeing you will create the kind of environment where teachers feel valued and develop a culture of trust, loyalty and collaboration.

Raise School Performance

Achieve strategic goals throughout the entire school. Experience the ripple effect, from reducing the need for relief teachers to increasing staff retention.

Increase Staff Resilience

Transform your school so that your staff can’t wait to get to work. Give them a supportive working environment that strengthens commitment and resilience.

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Beat Staff Burnout

Reduce the need for personal days and avoid staff burnout. Help tired, stressed and overworked staff get the support they need to feel valued and recharge.

Partnering With

Tailored School Wellbeing Services

School wellbeing consulting is tailored to suit the needs, budget and nuances of your specific school. No cookie-cutter approach.

Anonymous Staff Welbeing Surveys

Before implementing new initiatives designed to support staff and teacher wellbeing, it’s important that leaders understand how their people are doing at work, identify any underlying issues, and determine what initiatives may be most helpful for their school.

Additionally, surveys provide staff with an opportunity to voice their thoughts and be involved in the process of change.

Whether you prefer a DIY option where I provide you the resources and guides you need to run it yourself, or more hands-on guidance, including analysis of the results and recommendations, you choose what works best for you.

Purchase a survey from us and you'll receive:

  • Access to your own online wellbeing survey
  • Editable survey questions
  • PDF guide outlining tips for a successful survey process
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up & distributing your survey
  • Activities and discussion prompts to use in data review
  • Optional: Data review + analysis with recommendations

“The entire staff were engaged in the process and the results and insights were both fascinating and extremely useful to understand and implement.”

“I have had an excellent experience working with Adrienne!

I found the Staff Wellbeing Survey to be a very detailed and a broad-based tool providing staff input on their health and wellness needs.

The entire staff were engaged in the process and the results and insights were both fascinating and extremely useful to understand and implement. The data analysis was extremely insightful, responsive, professional and accommodating.

Not only did it give results but provided realistic recommendations for the development of a solid Wellbeing Action Plan which takes into consideration the unique needs of the staff.”

Val Ciuffetelli

- Assistant Principal, ACT

Well-Led Schools Partnership Program

Join our “Well-Led” Schools Partnership Program to access the step-by-step guidance, and support required from Health and Wellbeing Consultant Adrienne Hornby so you can support your staff’s wellbeing needs and create a positive school environment.

A 12 month program which empowers school leaders and their staff to create a wellbeing action plan designed to beat staff burnout and create a thriving school culture.

Our "Well Led" Schools Partnership Program provides your school with the framework, step-by-step guidance, and support required to address your staffs wellbeing needs.

This package will guide you through the process of reviewing your staff needs, capturing voice, aligning your leadership approach and up-skilling your staff in tangible ways to improve their wellbeing.

The most successful schools follow my 6 step process. The essential first step to all my programs is conducting a scan of your school using an anonymous staff wellbeing survey.

Based on your school survey data, we will design a complete consulting package tailored to the individual needs of your school.

  • Survey your entire staff anonymously to pinpoint their needs
  • Termly Leadership Coaching Sessions
  • Termly Staff Development Workshops
  • Termly Strategy Calls with the senior leadership
  • Up-skill your leaders and staff in ways to jointly address and improve staff wellbeing
  • Align your school's vision for improved school culture and staff wellbeing
  • Build a tailored 'Staff Wellbeing Action Plan' for your school
  • Access to an online learning portal, complete with activities, resources and tasks to keep the momentum going between sessions
  • Ongoing support, advice, strategy, and accountability for 12 months
  • A step-by-step approach to school success using my '6 steps to Becoming a Well-Led School' model

Adrienne’s survey tools, follow-up reporting, staff workshops and leadership development have opened a whole new perspective, for both my staff and I, on staff wellbeing as being the responsibility of the collective. Adrienne has facilitated the development of a ‘Wellbeing Action Plan’, that is tailored to our staff in our school context, through getting to know and understand how we work and using the PERMA(H) model. Her independent and empathetic ear, partnered with her research, expertise and on-the-ground awareness has been embraced by the entire staff.  Our return survey results evidenced growth way beyond my expectations over a 12-month period.

Without reservation, I would highly recommend Adrienne’s Consultancy and guidance.  It takes the pressure off the principal to be the one and only.  ‘Us and Them’ is now a thing of the past. 


- School Principal


One call can turn around your school’s culture.

Help your staff get the health and wellbeing support they need to make your school thrive again. Book a call today to learn more.

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Meet the founder

Meet the woman behind the business.

Adrienne Hornby

School Wellbeing Consultant


I partner with school leaders and their staff across Australia to collect the crucial data they need to build and embed a tailored ‘Staff Wellbeing Action Plan’ for their school. Each school's plan is aimed at nurturing a positive school environment and addressing teacher and staff burnout, so that they can improve their school’s outcomes and performance.

As a school leader (and teacher!), I was once unhappy, overworked and burnt out. And when I looked around me, I could see I wasn’t alone. By prioritising my own health and wellness, I started to feel healthier, happier and more engaged at work.

Using the lessons I learned on my own wellbeing journey, I transformed the way I led my staff, making their wellbeing a priority and creating positive team environments year after year. This shift in focus made me a fierce advocate for staff wellbeing in schools. It’s my mission to help schools put their people first to build more positive staff and school cultures.


  • Masters in Educational Leadership - Current
  • Group Coaching - Wellcoaches - 2020
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching - 2018
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary) - 2010

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