Our staff development workshops are practical, interactive sessions designed to equip teachers and school staff with tools and strategies for managing their health and wellbeing and supporting the school’s culture, so they can be better prepared to implement and influence student and school outcomes. 

All of our workshops are accompanied by captured school data to keep the sessions relevant to each schools unique needs, requirements and focus areas.

Tailored Staff Development Workshops

Up-skill your entire staff on ways to improve their health and wellbeing and prevent burnout using Positive Psychology and the most up-to-date educational research and advice from leading Australian mental health and wellbeing organisations. All our staff development workshops are data-driven and tailored to suit the needs, budget and nuances of your specific school.

During each engaging and inspirational workshop, participants take a deep-dive into the underlying issues disrupting staff culture and wellness at their school and in their daily lives. Your staff will learn helpful and evidence-based theories and strategies for improving health and wellbeing to work towards individually and as a collective.

Each workshop includes presentation and interactive sections, where participants are invited to engage in self-reflection, discussion and interaction with other attendees.

Why Book A Staff Wellbeing Workshop for Your Staff?

Discover Practical Strategies For Improving Wellbeing

Research-based strategies equip your staff with the skills they need to feel happier and healthier at work and in life.

Forge Stronger Connections and Relationships at Your School

Establish a shared understanding of wellbeing and create an environment where staff can lean on each other for support.

flame icon to represent teacher burnout

Beat Staff Burnout and Increase Resilience

Empower staff to take charge of their wellbeing by providing them with the right tools, resources, and support to manage stress.

Boost Morale and Engagement

Show staff they are valued and can contribute toward building a culture of trust, loyalty, and collaboration.

Example Workshop Formats

Staff Development Workshops are tailored to your school’s individual needs and goals. Booking one session per school term is recommended.

Workshops can be run face-to-face or online. All sessions utilise an interactive approach, inviting participants to engage in self-reflection, discussion, and interaction with other attendees. All participants also receive a range of recommendations, tools, and resources to access on their own time. Each workshop involves building a personalised action plan to ensure ongoing progress and accountability following the session.


Here are examples of some of our popular workshop formats:

Partnering With

'Give Your Staff a Voice'

‘Give Your Staff a Voice’ is our foundation workshop. We suggest that you begin here.

Ensuring buy-in from staff begins with building trust and giving staff a seat at the decision-making table. This session includes an introduction to My 6 Step Approach to Staff Wellbeing and a review of any collected school data. Over the course of this workshop, participants are given the opportunity to share their feedback about current initiatives, make suggestions for new approaches to wellbeing and provide solutions to any challenges experienced.

This workshop includes: 

  • Access to my Anonymous Staff Wellbeing Survey to capture the voice of the entire staff (DIY or Full Data Analysis Report options available)
  • An introduction to my approach: Positive Psychology and the PERMA(H) model, up-to-date educational leadership research and the advice from leading wellbeing organisations 
  • A review and reflection of any collected data sources (e.g. staff wellbeing survey, staff satisfaction survey and staff observations)
  • Opportunities for staff to respectfully share feedback on current approaches and wellbeing initiatives at their school

'Co-Creating Vision'

The first step in creating a positive school culture is having a shared vision, where staff health and wellbeing are front and centre. 

During this session staff begin to envision a high-performing school culture that is proactive and not reactive to staff wellbeing.  By the end of the session, staff will have created a joint vision alongside their school’s leadership team for how they would like their school to look, sound and feel with everyone working together towards an improvement in school culture. 

This workshop includes: 

  • Strategy Session: Ahead of the workshop, we work with the senior leadership team to identify and create a vision for staff wellbeing and culture at their school
  • During the session, the senior leadership will have the opportunity to communicate their vision to all staff, setting gentle expectations for strategic improvement with staff wellbeing in mind
  • A reflection of any collected data sources (e.g. staff wellbeing survey, staff satisfaction survey and staff observations) to keep the content focused and relevant to each school and their needs 
  • ‘Back Casting’ Activity: Co-create a vision for improved staff wellbeing, where staff envision what it will take to improve school culture and performance

'The Joint Responsibilities of Staff Wellbeing'

Staff wellbeing and a positive school culture is certainly a joint venture. Just as individual staff have every right to work in an environment, where leaders prioritise their people, they too must do their part to make their workplace a place worth showing up to every day.

Through exploring the many factors that can influence staff stress, burnout, mental health and wellness, this workshop helps staff begin to build awareness of what is actually required to ensure staff health and wellbeing are optimised at their school.

This workshop covers: 

  • What burnout is and the factors that can lead to higher burnout rates for leaders, teachers and staff
  • A reflection of any collected data sources (e.g. staff wellbeing survey, staff satisfaction survey and staff observations) related to staff mental health so that all conversations are kept relevant to the school’s context
  • A collaborative review the multiple “joint” responsibilities of staff wellbeing and reflection on where leaders and staff can make changes in order to influence staff wellbeing and improve school culture
  • Staff reflection on the multiple domains that encompass their wellbeing and identify if any areas require attention or focus

What Past Attendee's Think

Walk away with practical tools and tips to support:

The Individual

To promote health and wellbeing within their personal lives

The Professional

To manage wellbeing at work and support their colleagues

The Students

To improve and maintain their wellbeing at school and beyond

'Staff Wellbeing 101'

This session includes an introduction to Positive Psychology and a snapshot of a number of helpful theories and strategies for improving health and wellbeing. Over the course of this workshop, participants develop their own ‘Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan’ aimed at helping them to identify what keeps them well and how their school can best support their wellbeing.

This workshop covers: 

  • An introduction to Positive Psychology and the PERMA(H) model
  • Strategies and actions to create positive workplace culture
  • Stress management techniques and resilience building
  • Time management and task prioritisation
  • How to build better relationships and collective teacher efficacy
  • Ways to effectively seek and provide support to others
  • The importance of effective goal setting and how to maintain habits, energy and focus
  • Food and lifestyle approaches that lead to better health and wellbeing
  • How to use neuroscience to change our behaviours and thought patterns
  • Strategies to support student wellbeing
  • The development of a ‘Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan’

'Mental Health 101'

‘Mental Health 101’ is a practical workshop that develops your staff’s awareness of the mental health challenges experienced in the workplace. This presentation aims to reduce the stigma attached to mental health and provides a number of helpful ways that we can reduce stress, prevent burnout and support our colleagues. This session includes both individual and group work opportunities for participants. Staff are encouraged to work within their teams during many of the activities to build on relationships and connections with their colleagues.

This workshop covers:

  • Mental health challenges and statistics in Australian schools
  • The impacts of modern-day life on our physical and mental health
  • Stress management and resilience-building techniques
  • Ways to build self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Re-focusing on our priorities in life
  • Nutrition for mental health
  • Identifying our character strengths
  • Ways to build solid relationships and improve communication
  • Finding meaning and purpose in life and at work
  • Strategies to support student mental health

What past attendees think:


Looking for something different?

Every school's requirements are different, and that’s why there’s no cookie cutter approach to improving staff wellbeing. With our fully customisable staff development workshops, you can request sessions which cover the areas you would like to focus on most.

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Workshop Delivery Options

We understand the time constraints of staff and offer a range of options that can meet the needs of your organisational and staffing arrangements. Workshops and presentations vary in length and can be tailored to accommodate the availability of leaders and staff.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to customise your booking in order to meet your needs.


A quick share presentation: Approx 1.5 hours - No break provided
This express presentation is ideally delivered during staff and team meetings or back-to-back over the school day to different teams and groups. Delivered succinctly, ‘Express’ provides bite-sized exposure to a selection of useful tips, strategies and resources.


Half or full Day Presentation and Workshop: Approx 3.5 - 7 hours Includes breaks (as required)
Longer workshops are best suited for leadership or team meetings or during stand-down periods. It provides an opportunity for participants to explore a range of content and ideas in more depth and engage in some practical, hands-on activities.


Want something custom designed?
We can work with you to create custom designed workshops or packages to suit your needs and budget.
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Tools, Resources and Bonuses

Book or attend any of our teacher development workshops and your staff will receive:

  • Workshop slides
  • Digital interactive workbook/s
  • A 10-week focus plan full of ideas to keep the momentum going at your school during the school term
  • Access to a full suite of health and wellbeing resources and handouts
  • A comprehensive list of recommended resources, readings, and tools for private access
  • Suggested resources to purchase for your school’s resource catalogue or library
  • Hard copy workbook (for face-to-face workshops only)
  • Optional: A recording of the workshop for any staff who are unable to attend or absent (incurs added fee)


Empower Your Staff With the Tools They Need to Support Their Wellbeing and Improve Overall School Culture

Help your staff get the health and wellbeing support they need to make your school thrive again. Book a call today to learn more about any of our staff development workshop options.

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