A show that helps leaders, aspiring leaders, and wellbeing advocates improve school culture and lead their schools with “wellbeing in mind.”

In these bite-sized episodes, I share practical ideas to improve staff wellbeing and culture at your school by putting “People first, then pedagogy.” 

Tune into "Well-Led" Schools Episodes and You'll:

Learn the foundations of establishing wellbeing at work and in schools

Learn what it takes to improve staff wellbeing and school culture. Plus, some of the mistakes that leaders are making when it comes to addressing staff burnout.

Discover research that supports the need for a focus on wellbeing

The effects of the pandemic have caused teacher burnout to reach an all-time high and the themes emerging in the research suggest that a focus on wellbeing is the way forward.

Understand the impacts that staff and leader wellbeing has on school learning outcomes

Plenty of research supports that the behaviours and actions of leaders and teachers go on to affect student mental health and learning outcomes. One reason why a focus on wellbeing is key.

Equip yourself with strategies to improve wellbeing at your school

Up-skill your leadership approach by incorporating the information, practical tips, and strategies included in these short educational videos.

About The Video Series

Discover some of the research, strategies, and tips that I share with schools in our signature “Well-Led” Schools partnership program. Watching the videos in this mini-series is the best way to get to know me and the approach I use when consulting with schools. 

My aim with this series is to educate and inform school leaders and their staff on ways to collectively create positive change in school culture so that they can beat professional burnout and nurture a school culture that places wellbeing front and centre.

Episode 1: The 6 Steps You Need to Take to Improve Staff Wellbeing at Your School

In this first episode, I reveal the BIGGEST mistake most school leaders are making when it comes to addressing staff wellbeing and introduce you to the 6-step approach that is helping leaders across Australia improve staff wellbeing and transform their school culture from the inside out.

Episode 2: Wellbeing Works! An exploration of the research supporting the impacts of staff wellbeing in schools

Leader, teacher, and staff wellbeing impact our student’s mental health, engagement, behaviours, relationships, and learning outcomes.

In Episode 2, you’ll discover research that highlights why an approach that prioritises wellbeing works, the impact that staff stress and burnout have on students and their learning, and how prioritising staff wellbeing and relationships has the power to influence your school’s performance and outcomes.

Episode 3: How to ACTUALLY Improve Your Staff’s Wellbeing and School Culture - A look at the 5 essential ingredients for change

You will never be able to create positive changes in your staff’s well-being or your school’s culture if your teams are lacking any of the five ingredients required to implement change successfully.

 The Knoster Model for Managing Complex Change is a simple yet effective way of viewing and affecting change in our schools, and it identifies five KEY elements necessary for change to occur.

  •  A shared vision for where we are going
  •  The skills and knowledge to implement the change or initiative
  •  The motivation to keep going, even through a challenge
  •  Resources (staffing, materials, procedures, frameworks, etc)
  • An action plan for direction and focus on where we are headed

Watch Episode 3 of ‘Well-Led’ Schools to discover what the five ingredients are and what can happen to your grand plans when one of them is missing from the “recipe for change.”

Initiatives To Improve Staff and Teacher Wellbeing

Episode 4: An Integrative Approach to Wellbeing: Introducing Positive Psychology’s PERMAH Model

Whether staff are constantly calling in sick, struggling to bounce back post-pandemic or you are experiencing pushback on new ideas, the pressure of an increasing workload and challenging students can stop progress in its tracks. What we need in schools is an approach that plans for and considers the multiple elements required to increase staff psychological safety. Where to find such an approach? Well, look no further…

In episode 4 of the ‘Well-Led’ Schools mini-series, you’ll learn about Positive Psychology’s PERMA(H) model of wellbeing, how it can be applied in the workplace, and ideas to try at your school that will help increase staff wellbeing across each of the PERMA(H)’s pillars of wellbeing.

Episode 5: Why You Can’t Afford to Go Another Year Without a Wellbeing Action Plan

Addressing staff wellbeing and teacher burnout is a challenge when we don’t have a Wellbeing Action Plan in place. The most recent data suggests that close to 75% of our teachers are stressed with 30% of those cases being extreme. What’s worse is an alarming 84% of those are considering leaving the profession.This shows us that there is a dire need to focus on staff wellbeing so we can prevent further staff shortages and stop the endless cycle of stress that many school staff are experiencing. While many schools are aware of this, what they’re missing is an action plan.

In episode 5 of ‘Well-Led’ Schools you will discover what a Wellbeing Action Plan is and what factors we must consider in order to create a successful one.

Episode 6: Using Anonymous Staff Wellbeing Surveys To Identify What Your Staff Really Need

Are you sure you know what your staff need to improve their wellbeing at work? The only way to be truly sure is to ask them, and if you haven’t taken the time to collect feedback and dive into the data, then there’s no way you have the full picture.

In episode 6 of the ‘Well-Led’ schools mini-series, we’ll be exploring the importance of surveying your staff to understand their needs 𝐛𝐞𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐞 implementing new initiatives designed to improve staff wellbeing and school culture. Discover how Anonymous Staff Wellbeing Surveys can help leaders make better-informed decisions for improving staff wellbeing and about the benefits you can expect to see when you conduct an Anonymous Staff Wellbeing Survey at your school.

👋🏻 Hi, I’m Adrienne - A Health And Wellbeing Consultant For Schools

I work alongside school leaders and their staff to build and embed a tailored ‘Staff Wellbeing Action Plan.’ Their plan will nurture a positive school environment and address teacher burnout, so that they can improve school outcomes and performance.

As a school leader, I was once unhappy, overworked, and burnt out. And when I looked around me, I could see I wasn’t alone. I knew that if I wanted to function better at work, I needed to function better myself. So I decided to completely overhaul my lifestyle and the way I approached my work.

By prioritising my health and wellness, I started to feel healthier, happier, and more engaged at work. Soon, I changed the way I led my staff and team to put their wellbeing front and centre, creating a positive team.

Since doing so, I’ve made it my mission to help schools put their people first in order to build more positive staff and school cultures.

I offer a range of tailored school wellbeing consulting services to suit the needs, budget and nuances of your specific school:

  • “Well-Led” School Partnership Programs
  • Staff development workshops
  • Anonymous staff wellbeing surveys, data analysis + recommendations
  • Leadership group and individual coaching