A self-paced online course that empowers you to take charge of your wellbeing by stepping you through creating a Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan that can support you in finding happiness and balance in your professional and personal life. 

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With this program you will…

Discover evidence-based ways to support your wellbeing

From goal setting to understanding how new behaviours and habits are formed, you will learn actionable ways to support your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those you work with.

Design your own Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan

You will fill out a Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan with your own unique reflections and action items. This plan will support you to stay on track and help facilitate wellbeing conversations with leaders and colleagues.

Build deeper self-awareness about what impacts your wellbeing

This interactive course encourages self-reflection which will help you understand the current state of your wellbeing and what you can do to improve it.

Understand wellbeing from a multidimensional perspective

Wellbeing involves more than just attending to our physical and mental health. Explore the various dimensions that affect wellbeing so you can optimise your life and career.

Improve Your Wellbeing. Improve Your Life

Caring for your wellbeing is not just about practicing self-care; it involves attending to the different areas of your life that impact your wellbeing. 

This course will take you on a journey of understanding stress and wellbeing from a multi-dimensional perspective and will guide you through creating your own pathway to wellbeing. 

Throughout the modules, you will find videos, short activities, and resources with simple, easy-to-implement strategies that you can incorporate into your personal and professional life and even ideas to share and practice with your students.

Program Inclusions

15 Short Course Modules

The course steps you through 15 short modules that you can work through at your own pace.

Downloadable Resources and Activities

Within each module, you will have access to downloadable resources, articles and interactive worksheets.

Develop Your Own Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan

As you make your way through the course content, you will fill in and create your very own Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan. This plan is complete with actions directly relevant to your needs.

Practical Strategies For Life and Work

Each module contains helpful examples of how each concept can be applied to your personal and work life and with students.

Video Recordings

Educational video lessons with Health and Wellbeing Consultant Adrienne Hornby are included in each module.

Continued Access

Once you purchase the course, you have ongoing access so you can go back to any of the modules any time you want to review or revisit.

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Full Course Description

While this course covers a lot of content, it’s split into 15 short and easy-to-digest modules that can be completed at your own pace. 

Read on for a full breakdown of the course modules and what’s covered in each.

Welcome, Introductions and The Basics

In modules 1 through 3 you’ll get to know a bit more about me, how you can benefit from a Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan and understand the basics of wellbeing.

  • Module 1- Welcome and Introductions: Learn about my journey with burnout and what I did to get out of the constant cycle of stress. 
  • Module 2 – The Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan: Discover what a Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan is and why you need one
  • Module 3 – Wellbeing Basics: Learn about the 8 dimensions of wellbeing and begin reflecting on your own wellbeing,

A Pathway To Wellbeing

In modules 4 through 14 you will explore concepts, discover strategies and complete exercises that will help you understand and improve your own wellbeing, as well as support the wellbeing of your colleagues and students.

  • Module 4 – Defining your goals: Learn the value of goal setting to improve your wellbeing, how to set achievable goals and plan the actions that will help you reach them
  • Module 5 – Focus on What You Want: Discover how neuroplasticity allows us to change our brain, what the cycle of change is and how tracking habits sets you up for success. 
  • Module 6 – Look After Your Health: Understand the benefits of supporting your physical health, how stress impacts the nervous system and how to create strategies to balance your stress. 
  • Module 7 – Organise and Manage Your Time: Uncover ways to better manage your time, how to prioritise tasks and form good productivity habits.
  • Module 8 – Be Vulnerable: Learn about the important role of vulnerability in cultivating deeper relationships and seeking support.
  • Module 9 – Be Mindful: Understand what it means to live in the present moment, the benefits of mindfulness and ways to practice it.

Going Deeper

  • Module 10 – Connect With Others: Discover why the quality of our relationships matters, how to conduct a relationship audit and strategies to build more positive connections. 
  • Module 11- Develop Your Language: Understand the true power of your thoughts and words and how to rewire your brain and mindset through your language choices. 
  • Module 12 – Cultivate Gratitude: Uncover how a gratitude practice can change your mindset and strategies to cultivate more gratitude.
  • Module 13 – Accept What You Can’t Control: Learn how acceptance impacts your ability to let go of control and strategies to foster more acceptance of what you can’t control. 
  • Module 14 – Contribute: Discover why contributing to a greater cause can improve your sense of wellbeing and ways you can contribute to the wellbeing of others.

Tying it All Together

Module 15: Finalising Your Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan

In this module you will learn how creating your own pathway to improved wellbeing can help you improve your life, how to finalise your Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan and next steps for implementing and using your PWAP in life and at work.

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Choose Between Two Options

Individual Access

This option grants access to the course to one person only.


Introductory offer

Multiple Staff Access

For schools that would like to offer the course to their whole staff, this option grants access to the course for multiple staff.

Request a quote for multiple school staff and save!

From $27.00

Per staff member*

Why You Need to Stop Waiting for a Time When You Just “Feel Better”

We know you want to show up to work feeling energised and engaged so you can be the best possible teacher for your students yet, working in education often presents us with circumstances that make it difficult to maintain a positive mindset. 

It’s no secret that working in education is challenging, and in today’s day and age, teachers are more likely to experience or be at risk of burnout unless they have the right supports in place to help them manage their stress. 

While we tend to blame the system and things that are far out of our control, there is plenty you can do on an individual level to ensure you’re taking charge of what you can control – like your mindset and how you choose to show up for yourself. 

Life and work don’t have to feel heavy and your stressors be out of your control.

When you have a solid understanding of wellbeing, and you learn to apply the strategies outlined in this course, you can finally create the sense of wellbeing that you need to reinvigorate your passion for teaching and working with students.


Ready to take back control of your wellbeing and bring more energy to everything you do?

This course supports you in developing a deep understanding of wellbeing from a multi-dimensional perspective so you can feel empowered to beat burnout, manage stress and create the balanced lifestyle you’ve always hoped for.

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👋🏻 Hi, I’m Adrienne - A Health And Wellbeing Consultant For Schools

I work alongside school leaders and their staff to build and embed a tailored ‘Staff Wellbeing Action Plan.’ Their plan will nurture a positive school environment and address teacher burnout, so that they can improve school outcomes and performance.

As a school leader, I was once unhappy, overworked, and burnt out. And when I looked around me, I could see I wasn’t alone. I knew that if I wanted to function better at work, I needed to function better myself. So I decided to completely overhaul my lifestyle and the way I approached my work.

By prioritising my health and wellness, I started to feel healthier, happier, and more engaged at work. Soon, I changed the way I led my staff and team to put their wellbeing front and centre, creating a positive team.

Since doing so, I’ve made it my mission to help schools put their people first in order to build more positive staff and school cultures.

I offer a range of tailored school wellbeing consulting services to suit the needs, budget and nuances of your specific school:

  • Well-Led Schools Partnership Programs
  • Leadership and staff development workshops
  • Anonymous staff wellbeing surveys, data analysis + recommendations
  • Leadership and staff group and individual coaching
  • Online learning courses