Making changes to your workplace or personal health and wellbeing requires the most up to date information and tools. Access a range of free resources to achieve your goals and make long term changes and improvements.

Tips for Addressing Workload

Learn about 6 practical ways to address our schools workload problems 

Supporting Burnt Out Staff

Learn about some ways leaders can contribute to doing that in a way that’s supportive to staff struggling with or at risk of burnout. 

Ways to Create a Mentally Healthy Workplace

7 ways that leaders and staff can begin to create a school culture that emphasises staff health and wellbeing. 

Staff Wellbeing Priorities Term 1

Just getting started on your school’s staff wellbeing journey? I have put together a list of start up actions to support you and your staff…

6 Steps to Improved Staff Wellbeing

Get instant access to step-by-step, easy to implement strategies and 15+ high-quality PDF resources.

Staff Personalised Wellbeing Action Plan Template

PWAPs are a personalised, practical tool all staff can use. A self-reflective document filled out by staff and is used to identify what keeps them…

23 Ways to Beat Burnout

Discover my integrated approach to managing burnout and 23 ways to kick your symptoms to the curb!

How To Build A Routine

How To Build A Routine

Discover my formula for building a solid weekly and daily routine that helps you to feel successful and on top of all the areas of…

Podcast Guest Features

I’ve featured as a guest on some amazing podcasts. Hear more about me, my approach to health and wellbeing and how I am supporting schools,…

A Recipe For Change

Download the successful 5 components for any successful change strategy in your organisation or school.

The 8 Dimensions Of Wellbeing

Discover ways to improve your wellbeing across all areas of your life

Self-Awareness Exercise

Self-Awareness Exercise

Use this tool to notice things about yourself across a few key areas. Jot down your ideas as part of journalling time or over time.

Positive Psychology

Learn all about positive psychology and the PERMA Model and how to apply this to your life and feel a greater sense of wellbeing

Web of Wellbeing

Assess your overall wellbeing with this visual activity. How balanced are your health and wellbeing behaviours? What are your next steps to a happier and…

Tips for Better Sleep

Download this quick and easy guide. Find 10 different ways to sleep better and start your day off on the right foot.

Stress Management Guide

Check out my top activities and tips for stress management. Find some strategies that will work for you and your lifestyle.

Action Planning

Make progress towards your goal and get focused with this quick activity, aimed to get your head in the game and eyes on the prize.

Monthly Goal Setting

Set monthly goals and track your progress with this easy to use monthly planner. You’ll never go into a month without a plan again.

Useful Health and Wellbeing Resources

Check out my list of suggested books, podcasts and resources to help improve your knowledge of nutrition and wellbeing.

Priority Finder

Unpack your to-do list and find your priorities with this quick time management activity.

Team Strengths

List your team’s strengths on this PDF. Unpack as a team and identify the best ways to work together and draw on one another.

VIA Strengths Assessment

Identify your character strengths using this free strengths assessment tool

Time Management Tips

Explore my best methods to get on top of your time management and achieve more across your week.

Useful Wellbeing Resources (Primary)

Check out my list of primary aged school resources for you to purchase or add to your school library