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Chatting with others around all things health, wellbeing and teaching in one of my favourite past times! Thank you to all of these amazing people for featuring me on their podcasts.

The Wonders of Wellbeing Podcast with Aimee Parkinson

Thanks so much Aimee from Well-Nest for having me on your podcast. We discussed, how schools know if and/or when they need to conduct a wellbeing survey, the benefits of conducting an anonymous survey and how schools create the right questions to ask for their context. We also spent time covering just how schools prepare for what the data will tell them and what the process once the data has been collected.

The Health Coach Approach with Emma

Thanks to Emma from The Health Coach Approach for having me on to share my story of professional and personal burnout and the come back! We chatted about how I am supporting school leaders and teachers to improve staff wellbeing and culture and many other health and wellbeing topics!

Emma is a health coach creating unique health programs and educational wellness content for people of all ages.

We discussed:

  • My story from burnout to healing
  • How school leaders hold the key to improved school culture
  • Overcoming a busy mentality to reduce burnout
  • The impact of stress and how holistic health can help you
  • So much more…

Harmony Inspired Health with Harmony Robinson-Stagg

Thanks to the lovely Harmony from Harmony Inspired Health for having me on to discuss my experience with burnout and adrenal fatigue! We chatted about all things exhaustion, stress and burnout recovery!

Harmony is an Ayurveda & Integrative Health Practitioner who is helping modern day women to balance thier hormones, heal their gut, cut their feelings of overwhelm and find their ideal weight through an Ayurveda and Integrative Health Approach.

We discussed:

  • Early signs of burnout
  • How to overcome burnout
  • How burnout can affect your own overall health
  • Nutrition for burnout
  • How Ayurveda treats burnout
  • and so much more…

Empowered Hormones

I loved chatting with Sheradyn Dekker to share my health struggles including gut health, fertility, MTHFR, IVF and how I worked on the internal as well as the external to fall pregnant. 

Sherardyn is an online functional nutritionist supporting her clients to manage their hormones, gut, bowels and moods.

Listen to hear us talk about:

  • My struggles with hormones, fertility and IVF
  • How the mothers health impacts infant health
  • Why modern day women are not falling pregnant
  • What we can do to improve hormone balance and fertility
  • Common reasons of “infertility” and underlying causes of why we are not falling pregnant
  • The role of internal and external stressors
  • Testing that can be done to look for underlying causes
  • MTHFR – Why it impacted Adrienne and how it can impact pregnancy

Prioritising Yourself with Jen Parker

Thanks Jenifer from Real Vision Life Coaching for having me come on to chat all things health, wellbeing, schools and me.⁠

Jen is an experienced empowerment and mindset coach that loves to help women prioritise themselves and changing the way they perceive themselves and their reality. 

Tune into Jennifer’s podcast to hear us chat around:

  • The importance of nutrition as a foundation to wellbeing⁠
  • How self-care can look different for busy career driven individuals
  • The importance of putting the wellbeing of staff FIRST in schools and organisation for optimal results⁠
  • My journey to health and wellbeing consulting⁠
  • and so much more…⁠

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