Impactful Solutions for Common Mistakes to Student Management in Schools with Rob Lans | Season 2: Episode 2

This episode is a continuation of Season 2 Episode 1, where Rob Lans and I dove deep into some of the mistakes we see schools make when it comes to addressing student behaviour challenges. If you missed that one, you’ll want to listen to it before diving into this episode, where we unveil and discuss practical solutions that are realistic and relatively simple to implement.

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to ensure you have a systemised approach to student management by crafting a co-created vision for student and classroom management.
  • The importance of adopting an approach that embeds empathy, trauma-informed practices and restorative practices
  • The value of sharing case studies, experiences and perspectives in order to cultivate empathy and understanding
  • How schools can develop creative support systems to ensure that their approach to student and classroom management is a success
  • Why it’s vital to ensure follow-through and a systemised communication process
  • How a positive behaviour approach can help mitigate a lot of the common mistakes and challenges that come with student management

Links and Resources:

S2 Episode 1: The Top Mistakes Schools Are Making When Addressing Student Behaviour Challenges with Rob Lans

Well-Led Schools Partnership Program:

Student Behaviour Pilot Program:

Get in contact with us to hear about support options for student behaviour and staff wellbeing:


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