How a Systemised Focus On Student Behaviour Management Can Improve the Wellbeing of School Staff With Rob Lans | Episode 2

In episode 2 of the Well-Led Schools podcast, school wellbeing consultant, Adrienne Hornby is joined by school principal, Rob Lans for a lively chat surrounding the relationship between student behaviour management and staff and student wellbeing. With many staff across schools reporting student behaviour as one of their top stressors, it’s only fitting that we address the link between the two. 

Rob Lans is school principal and expert in student and behaviour management. Early in his teaching career, Rob’s passion for outdoor education found him searching for ways to engage students and build deeper connections through the natural environment. After honing his skills in a Student Services role, Rob stepped into the ACT Education Department, where he worked with numerous schools supporting leaders, teachers and staff with student behaviours. Here, he took a diagnostic approach to understanding what students were communicating through their behaviours and worked side-by-side with schools to develop systems and processes for student management. In 2015, he transitioned back into schools as a Deputy Principal and now as a School Principal in the ACT.

One of the most important takeaways from this episode is that when we provide teachers with a systemised approach to managing classroom behaviours, plus opportunities to develop their confidence and student behaviour management skills, they can build better connections with students which, in turn, supports the students’ wellbeing and improves their learning outcomes.

In this episode we cover: 

– The growing challenges experienced by schools and their potential causes 

– The value of connection to influence student management and academic engagement 

– The common mistakes that schools make when it comes to attending to student behaviors and how this could be affecting staff wellbeing 

– The importance of processes, systems and universal school approaches to student management achieved with the buy in of staff, students and community 

– How we as leaders can best support our staff to feel involved, safe, effective when managing student behaviours and like their wellbeing matters 

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