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Why Your Approach to Staff Wellbeing Isn’t Working and What to Do Instead

Morning teas, after-work drinks, and encouraging teacher self-care are NOT enough to solve your staff wellbeing problems in 2022.

While these surface-level strategies may have worked to an extent in the past, teachers are going into this year more overwhelmed than ever before, both in their work and personal lives.

It’s going to take a deeper approach to effectively support school staff after everything they’ve been through these past couple of years. When you use a more meaningful approach to tackle staff wellbeing, your teams become more engaged, motivated, and eager to contribute to the overall school community.

If you are curious about the steps you can take as a leader to improve culture and wellbeing at your school, this video is for you.

Are you stuck on how to support stressed and burnt-out staff so your school can start seeing better collaboration, innovation, and improved outcomes?

Adopt a new approach to staff wellbeing at your school and start making lasting and impactful changes that contribute to a thriving school culture. 

My 6-Step approach uses Positive Psychology, up-to-date educational leadership research, and the advice of leading Australian wellbeing and mental health organisations in an easy-to-follow sequence.  

When you download my FREE “6-Steps to Improved School Culture” PDF. you’ll discover: 

  • Ways to seek feedback from staff and identify your priorities
  • Tips for improving leadership approaches to staff wellbeing
  • Tools and resources to create a wellbeing action plan
  • Ideas for building relationships amongst staff
  • New ways to reduce staff absenteeism and promote staff mental health
  • Strategies for increasing staff engagement

Equip yourself with the blueprint, tools, and resources you need to implement a strategic plan that targets teacher and staff wellbeing effectively. 

Gain peace of mind knowing that your approach for improving staff wellbeing will lead to improved school culture and whole school outcomes.

Set your school up for long-lasting success!

Download your copy here! 

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