A Growth Map to Improved Wellbeing in Schools With Aimee Parkinson | Episode 25

In this episode, I chat with fellow school wellbeing consultant Aimee Parkinson where we exchange ideas on our approach to coaching educators hoping to foster a culture of wellbeing at their school. 

About Aimee: 

After spending over 12 years in the education system as both a school leader and educator, Aimee saw first-hand how well-being easily becomes a low-level priority when other pressing matters demand attention. Along with these experiences, she combined her Masters of Educational Leadership, a Health and Wellness Coaching Professional Certificate and her research conducted through her podcast The Wonders of Wellbeing to create Well-Nest. Aimee’s vision is to plant wellbeing at the heart of who schools are and what they do. She aims to support schools that are finding it tremendously difficult to not only support staff wellbeing but to know where to even begin.

Well-Nest consulting and coaching services supports school leaders, teachers and administrators by helping individuals and teams take gradual steps towards identifying and addressing the issues affecting wellbeing, both personally and professionally. Through personalised guidance, they provide strategic wellbeing growth maps that break down the process into manageable, actionable steps, ensuring progress is made toward restored wellness.

As Aimee’s beautiful Nan would say, seeing teachers, administrators and school leaders thrive, both personally and professionally “warms the cockles of her heart”.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The four key pillars of wellbeing that Aimee integrates into her coaching approach
  • Common challenges educators are facing when it comes to establishing a culture of wellbeing
  • The importance of addressing not just professional wellbeing, but also personal wellbeing of leaders and staff
  • The steps in Aimee’s “Growth Map” approach
  • How having a vision for wellbeing can act as a motivator and reminder of our purpose

Links and Resources:

Anonymous Staff Wellbeing Survey

Connect with Aimee via: 

Her website: Well-Nest

Her podcast: The Wonders of Wellbeing


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