The Foundations of Effective Educational Leadership with Dr. Paul Teys

The Foundations of Effective Educational Leadership with Dr. Paul Teys | Season 2: Episode 5

In this episode of the Well-Led Schools podcast, we explore the crucial aspects of educational leadership with Dr. Paul Teys, an inspiring leader in the education space with over four decades of experience in the field. 

As a seasoned mentor, coach, and expert in educational leadership, Dr. Paul brings a wealth of insight to our discussion. Join us as we explore Dr. Paul’s profound wisdom on effective educational leadership.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of mentoring and coaching for new leaders
  • The guiding principles of educational leadership
  • What it means to be an authentic leader and the positive benefits that come from it
  • The importance of knowing and living by your values as a leader
  • What an effective approach to leading staff and building school culture entails
  • Why involving staff in problem-solving and change processes is key to managing change and building trust
  • Why we should be investing more in the development of middle leaders
  • How effective communication is central to building a school culture of wellbeing
  • The transformations we can witness when we focus on professional development for senior and middle leaders

About Paul 

With a career spanning over four decades, Dr. Paul is an expert in the educational leadership space. His journey of 36 years in middle and executive leadership roles, crowned by 24 transformative years as Principal across diverse schools in three states, has shaped the educational experiences of countless learners and educators. 

Paul‘s profound impact stems from his deep commitment to excellence in leadership and his commitment to fostering the growth and success of schools, principals, and their teams.

A seasoned mentor and coach, Dr Paul empowers educational leaders to excel by harnessing their unique strengths, nurturing their potential, and guiding them through the complexities of leadership in dynamic learning environments. His strategic approach to professional development is tailored to the needs of executive teams and leaders, ensuring that their growth translates into tangible results for their schools and communities.

Dr Paul also works in executive leadership recruitment as an Associate of Slade Group. With unparalleled insight from living the experience himself, he excels in recruiting executive leaders and principals for schools, offering a depth of understanding and a tailored approach that sets Dr Paul apart as the go-to expert in educational leadership placements

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