The Guiding Principles For Leading Your School With Wellbeing in Mind with Corey Tavella

The Guiding Principles For Leading Your School With Wellbeing in Mind with Corey Tavella | Season 2: Episode 6

In this episode of the Well-Led Schools podcast I am joined by Corey Tavella, Principal of Thomas More College in South Australia where, together, we’ll be exploring the guiding principles of ‘Well-Led’ schools. 

When adopted and applied, these principles can help schools to “lead with wellbeing in mind,” begin to transform the culture from within and better influence positive outcomes in student learning and school achievement. 

The 9 Guiding Principles of Well-Led Schools

Well-Led Schools…

  1. Know that healthy, well and engaged staff positively influence student learning:
  2. Carefully consider how to weave staff wellbeing into the fabric of the school
  3. Seek the input and consultation of all staff
  4. Recognise that awareness is the first key to change
  5. Are led by highly-skilled and emotionally intelligent leaders
  6. Understand that staff wellbeing is a joint responsibility
  7. Have shared vision and a ‘Wellbeing Action Plan’
  8. Promote collaboration and nurture strong relationships
  9. Engage their staff

About Corey:

Corey Travella is currently the Principal of Thomas More College in South Australia, a relatively large 7-12 school of almost 1100 students from 7-12 (co-ed). This is his fifth year as Principal, having been a Deputy Principal at two schools, one all-boys and one all-girls. One of his key tenets of leadership is presence which, he believes, lends itself well to staff wellbeing; in aiming to be present for his staff, he wants to ensure they all know they are heard, valued, cared for and respected. Corey has been in education for 23 years, and these five years are the first where he has not taught students. Having said that, his guiding principle is that his staff are ‘his class’, and he aims to challenge and support them to help them achieve their best, as he would his students.

In this episode, we cover:

  • What a ‘Well-Led’ school is
  • 9 research-backed guiding principles that will help schools lead with wellbeing in mind

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Blog article: The 9 Guiding Principles of Well-Led Schools

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