The Key Personal Attributes Every Effective Leader Should Master | Episode 28

In episode 28, I uncover the most essential personal attributes to becoming an effective and inspiring school leader who “leads with wellbeing in mind.”

Beyond cognitive skills, personal attributes like self-awareness, empathy, and emotional intelligence are essential for navigating the challenges of education and fostering a thriving school culture.

As school leaders, it’s crucial to adopt a wellbeing-focused approach, putting the needs of our staff first. 

By leading with compassion and care, we can inspire and motivate our teams, leading to improved staff wellbeing and student performance outcomes. Tune in to learn about the key attributes that make a difference in educational leadership and discover practical tips for building self-awareness to become a more impactful leader. Let’s create a positive and supportive educational environment together!

In this episode, I cover:

  • The significance of a wellbeing-focused approach for leaders
  • The key personal attributes required for effective leadership
  • How leaders can influence staff wellbeing and create a positive school culture
  • Practical ideas to cultivate self-awareness and enhance your leadership skills

Links and Resources:

Blog article: The Most Essential Personal Attributes of an Effective Leader

Blog article: A Functional Approach to Leadership 

Blog article: The Key Skills to Become an Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Free personality assessments:

Big 5 Personality Test

Via Character Strengths

DISC Personality Test

DOPE Bird Personality Type

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