The Six Proven Steps To Improved Staff Wellbeing and Culture at Your School with Rob Lans

The Six Proven Steps To Improved Staff Wellbeing and Culture at Your School with Rob Lans | Season 2: Episode 7

Social events, morning teas and the one-off wellbeing workshops can only do so much to improve staff wellbeing and school culture. While they’re well-intentioned, these initiatives only target the very surface of the daily challenges school staff face. We need to take a deeper look at the underlying and systemic reasons why staff may be suffering from chronic stress and burnout. Once identified, solutions and actions can be put in place that directly address the issues while considering various elements that, when improved upon, can create a positive and long-lasting change in how your staff and school culture feel. 

In this episode of the Well-Led Schools podcast, I am once again joined by School Principal Rob Lans where we discuss the six-step framework for improving staff wellbeing and school culture. This framework considers elements of Positive Psychology, current educational leadership research and the recommendations from leading Australian wellbeing organisations like Beyond Blue, Be You and the Black Dog Institute. 

The 6 steps to improved wellbeing in schools are

  1. Scan your school and pinpoint the wellbeing needs of your team
  2. Establish a culture of wellbeing beginning with a co-created school vision for wellbeing
  3. Agree on the joint responsibilities of staff wellbeing
  4. Upskill and train leaders and staff in effective ways to promote, support and improve staff wellbeing and school culture
  5. Tailor a ‘Wellbeing Action Plan’ for your school
  6. Follow through on your Wellbeing Action Plan and check in on your progress

In this episode, we cover:

  • Why tokenistic approaches to wellbeing don’t work
  • The 6-step framework for improving staff wellbeing and school culture
  • Actions you can take to carry out each step

Links and Resources:

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