Season 1 Finale: Ten Key Takeaways About School Wellbeing To Take With You into 2024 and Beyond | Episode 30

In this special season finale of the Well-Led Schools podcast, I share some exciting personal and professional updates.

I also reflect on the past season, where I share ten key takeaways that every school leader across Australia should embrace. From nurturing trust to optimising workload and understanding the unique challenges faced by our staff, these insights offer a roadmap to create thriving, “well-led” schools.

But don’t worry, this isn’t the end… We’re taking a short intermission before returning with even more special guests and enlightening episodes in Season 2.

Thank you for joining me throughout Season 1, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Season 2!

Signing off for now.

Adrienne Hornby

School Wellbeing Consultant

Links and Resources:

Reading – The lifecycle of trust in educational leadership: an ecological perspective

Reading – Fostering Teacher Professionalism in Schools – The Role of Leadership Orientation and Trust

Well-Led Schools Episodes Mentioned in This Episode:

Episode 4: The Influential Power Of A Leader’s Wellbeing On Staff And Students

Episode 5: Improve Staff Wellbeing And School Culture With Your Vision With Kate Greeney

Episode 6: An Integrative Approach To Addressing Staff Wellbeing In Schools: Introducing The PERMA(H) Model

Episode 7: The Guiding Principles For Leading Your School With Wellbeing In Mind With Corey Tavella

Episode 12: The Leading Causes Of Workplace Stress And The Top Rated Wellbeing Initiatives Across Australian Schools

Episode 21: Practical Ideas For Nurturing Staff Wellbeing In The Age Of Burnout

Episode 22: Why You Shouldn’t Introduce New Wellbeing Initiatives Until You’ve Conducted A School Scan

Episode 26:  The Hot Debate: Who Is Actually Responsible For Staff Wellbeing? With Adrienne Hornby And Aimee Parkinson

Episode 27: Practical Strategies For Addressing Increased Teacher Workloads

Episode 28:The Key Personal Attributes Every Effective Leader Should Master

Episode 29: Emotionally Intelligent Leadership: Building Stronger Relationships, Inspiring Success

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